You are using a version of Windows newer than XP. You could use DDFileCatcher version 5 on this computer.

File listing software for making lists of Windows files

copy file names to excel with ddfilecatcher
  • File listing software - drag and drop from Windows Explorer. Pick just the files and folders you need
  • Apply custom formats and preview your file lists before outputting them
  • Save file lists as Microsoft Excel and Word, and OpenOffice or LibreOffice Calc and Writer files
  • Choose from over 300 Windows file properties to display
  • Save file lists in html, xml, csv to disk and to the Clipboard.
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Export file lists from Windows Explorer into Word, Excel, the Clipboard or disk files

List Windows files from Windows Explorer. Simply select the files or folders you want and drag and drop them onto DDFileCatcher file listing application. With DDFileCatcher, export file lists to the destination of your choice - copy a file list to the Clipboard for pasting a file list into a document, save a file list to disk in CSV format for importing the file list into a database, create a file list in Excel, make a file list table in Word, or Google documents. Try DDFileCatcher for free for days.

Make a folder file list

Listing files in a folder is easy. Select all the files in a folder, using Ctrl-A, and drag and drop the selected files onto DDFileCatcher. DDFileCatcher can also search subfolders to list files in a directory tree. You can choosefile pathsorfile namesand from over Windows file properties.

List folders only

To list only folders on a disk or a directory tree, you can select just the Folder property and DDFileCatcher will only accept folders in its file/folder list and list folders only when output for printing a folder list or saving in a document etc.

Automate file listing

Use the Command File feature to launch DDFileCatcher to make lists of files automatically.

Format the file list and use templates you make yourself

Useful file list formats include plain text for listing files in a text document, XML file list for importing into other applications, CSV and Tab file lists for databases. A great new feature of DDFileCatcher is custom templates for making your own output formats for different tasks. Custom templates give you a lot of control over file list formatting. day free trial

List all the files on a drive

List the files on your flash drives and DVDs. You can also list the files on your hard drive, but this can take a long time. It is sometimes better to list just the parts of your hard drive you need, such as "My Documents".

Preview the output before sending the file list.

File listing software with power

- List over 300 Windows file properties, including over 100 digital image properties and MP3 information, in any order. Easily put file lists in Microsoft Word and Excel. DDFileCatcher recognizes existing file properties in file lists in Word and Excel and shows the same properties for new files added to the lists. Search sub folders and complete drives. Automate listing files and outputting file lists using the new Command File feature.

File listing software with flexibility

- Use Windows Explorer to select the files to list. This means you can perform file searches and list the files from them, select only one or all files in a folder and drag them onto DDFileCatcher file listing program, select any number of files from different folders for listing. No need to open a file browser dialog and navigate all the way to the folder you want. File information can be listed in any order. Several built-in output formats including XML, CSV, tab-delimited, folders followed by filenames. Add your own ouput formats with custom templates.


Windows Explorer file list in DDFileCatcher

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