Create custom templates for file lists

Windows file listing program
  • Make file listing templates for file listing tasks
  • Choose from over file properties to include in your templates for file lists
  • Avoid confusing word wrapping of printed file lists with file listing templates
  • Save time and increase consistency with file listing templates
  • Use file listing templates for snippets of code or file information you regulary pass to others

Why use templates for file lists

If you regularly produce produce reports containing lists of files, it isn't always convenient to print them out as a table. Custom file listing templates make reports clearer. You could spread each file over several lines, instead of one long line. You might want to output the same file list in different formats for different customers.

How to make templates for formatting file lists

Simply copy and paste or type the text of the report containing one file record together with any values it contains. You can also include headers and footers. Then, replace the values with codes for the file properties. DDFileCatcher has a Wizard-style form built in to make this easy. Save the template with a descriptive name, for using with any file list.

Use templates for formatting file lists instead of using a spreadsheet

It is easier to use file listing templates to output the file list directly to a text file or the Clipboard than import the list into a spreadsheet and then format it for output. Also a spreadsheet will output each file on one line, which could mean using a small font to fit the information in the line.

What is using templates for file lists better than?

Using templates for file lists is better than trying to remember how you sent the file list to someone last time. It is better than editing an old document by deleting the file list in it and pasting the new list list in. It is better than typing the text between the file information in every time.

Use file listing templates whenever you need to display file information

You might need to email a list of files in an attachment. Web designers often need to include filenames, image sizes etc in HTML code, say for inserting images in a web page. Templates for file lists can also help making robots.txt files or Google site map files, .httpd redirects etc. It is easy edit templates to replace backslashes with forward slashes for URLs.

Technical uses for templates for formatting code

Programmers or IT Support specialists often need to include "hard coded" paths in setup files such as Rake files, templates for Inno Setup Compiler scripts , Apache webserver setup files, MSDOS batch files.

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