List any number of Windows files and print them from Microsoft Word or Excel

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DDFileCatcher can be launched from Microsoft Word and Excel. Simply drag and drop any number of files onto DDFileCatcher and the file list will be put into your Word or Excel document. It is also a stand-alone application, which saves file lists to the Clipboard or text files.

  • Lists all types of file information including over 100 digital image properties and MP3 information
  • Gives you multiple format options including XML
  • Makes file list tables in Microsoft Word
  • Recognizes existing tables and adds files to them in Microsoft Word and Excel
  • Print your file lists using all the features of Microsoft Word and Excel
  • Can also be launched as a stand-alone application and save the file list to the Clipboard or a text file
  • Print the files in one folder or thousands of files from multiple folders using complex searches and list them in Microsoft Word or Excel.
  • Print file lists in fullfile pathsor folder/filename format.
  • Save file lists to the Clipboard or disk files for importing into databases.
  • Drag and drop files from muliple folders.
  • Launch as an add-in from Microsoft Word and Excel to produce formatted tables for printing.
  • Edit file lists before printing them.
  • Some programs need navigation to folders and complex filters to be set. DDFileCatcher uses Windows Explorer - why use anything else? It has all the features you could want and you use it every day.
  • DDFileCatcher is a simple and powerful link between programs you already use.
67 files dropped onto Word

Here is DDFileCatcher launched from Microsoft Word. Drag any files onto DDFileCatcher from any folder in Windows Explorer including file searches. Click the "Sendfile pathsto Word" button and the files files will be listed in a table in Word. You can choose the columns you want to show. Also works with Microsoft Excel.

Just click the "Download free trial" button above to do this on your own computer. You can use the program for days before you buy it.

Click any of the pictures to see them full size.  
File list in Word table using DDFileCatcher This is the table DDFileCatcher makes in Microsoft Word. What's really clever is that, if you launch DDFileCatcher again with the text cursor in the table, DDFileCatcher will recognize which columns are showing and add new files to the bottom of the table.
File list in Word folder filenanme format The same 8 files listed by DDFileCatcher in Microsoft Word using the Folders/Filenames format with no table.
8 file paths pasted into Notepad Launch DDFileCatcher from the task bar and copy the file information to the Clipboard. Paste it into any text document, such as an email. Here, in Notepad, the columns line up when the Terminal font is used.

File names to put in Microsoft Word

Watch DDFileCatcher make a table in Word and fill it with file information.

In their item "How to Print a Folder Listing in Windows", Microsoft suggest using Print Screen and saving an image using Microsoft Paint. The problem with this method is that the list can't be manipulated, ie sorted, searched, edited or printed in a different format, for example landscape. File lists made by DDFileCatcher can be printed, searched, put in spreadsheets or databases and printed in any format settable with you word processor or other program.

DDFileCatcher stands for "drag and drop file catcher". DDFileCatcher is a user-friendly file listing utility used to copy file names from Windows Explorer as text. It can be launched from Microsoft Word or Excel and put the file paths in a Word table or Excel spreadsheet. As a stand-alone program, the file paths can be put in the Clipboard and pasted to anywhere you need them, such as an e-mail, a dialog or the source code of a computer program. Select files in a folder and drop or paste them onto DDFileCatcher as in this screenshot.

In conclusion DDFileCatcher has found a niche market that no one else has taken advantage of. The really good news is not that they have found this niche, but how much thought they have put into the program. The options are really well thought out, and DDFileCatcher is extremely easy to use. A Real Winner! Try It! Buy It! - Shareware Junkies 25-star review

Thanks! You are right, there are many, many utilities out there. It's just not easy to find simple, elegant and easy to use. DDFileCatcher is certainly one of the best. Regards, Alex

It really makes my data analysis work much easier when I have to copy a list of several hundred word documents over to another document. Sincerely, James

Am so glad I have purchased this software after the trial period. Using it mostly for Digital Camera has made indexing so much better. Robert

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