DDFileCatcher - converts files, short cuts and folders into full file paths.
Middlesbrough, United Kingdom (August 9, 2003). Robinmatch Ltd announce DDFileCatcher v1.02 collects files, short cuts and folders dropped onto it from Windows Explorer, the Desktop, My Computer, or Windows dialogues and converts them into full file paths. If you had never needed to document the location of a file on your computer, and have had to type out, for example, "C:\Program Files\Program Directory\etc etc", you know how laborious and error prone this can be. With DDFileCatcher you can navigate through Windows Explorer and drag and drop files or folders onto the stay -on-top programme window. The complete contents of a folder can be converted into file paths by either dropping them or pasting them from the Clipboard onto DDFileCatcher. Files listed on DDFileCatcher can be selected and sorted before being copied to the clipboard for pasting into a document, or being saved to a text file with an optional date stamp and comment. DDFileCatcher saves time when using file open dialogues or when you need to browse for a file. Instead of having to navigate to the folder containing the desired file, the file can simply be dropped from an open copy of Windows Explorer onto DDFileCatcher and pasted from there into the dialogue text box. If the dialogue allows multiple file selections, with DDFileCatcher, multiple files can be selected from more than one folder and be pasted into the dialogue text box. DDFileCatcher is particularly useful when used with applications which require file paths be entered as text. For example, writing computer code with absolute filepaths, in setup installation programmes. In the office environment, it is often important to inform others of the location of files and important documents on a PC or the network. DDFileCatcher ensures that file location information is recorded accurately. Of interest to software developers is the inbuilt facility for DDFileCatcher to be launched by another application, to collect files and convert them in the file paths, and then return the file paths to the calling application. A simple free application, including source code, demonstrating the use of this interface is available at Robinmatch Ltd would be pleased to discuss with developers how DDFileCatcher can be integrated into their applications.

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