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April 30, 2003
DDFileCatcher - a simple computer application to get the file paths of Windows files

Middlesbrough, United Kingdom (April 30, 2003) - Robinmatch Ltd today announced the release of the DDFileCatcher program. The program accepts icons of files, folders or shortcuts dropped or pasted onto it from Windows Explorer, My Computer, the Desktop or Windows file dialogs. The file path as text of each item received by the program is displayed in the program's window. Any number of items can be added to the files list and from there can be copied to the Clipboard, for inclusion in a text document, or saved to a file on disk, together with optional comment and date stamp. The program bridges the gap between the concept of a graphical file display and a text document. "DDFileCatcher" stands for "drag and drop file catcher".
Key Product Features:
-Gets file paths from Windows files, folders and shortcuts using drag and drop or copy and paste
-Sorts file path list alphabetically
-Rejects duplicate files
-Saves file path list as text to the Clipboard or a text file
-Saves settings between uses
-Has comprehensive help file and uninstall facility
System Requirements
Window 95 or later/NT4.0
2.16 MB of hard drive space
DDFileCatcher v 1.0 Fully functional trial version - free.
Registration of trial version by unlock key code $9.95
Download the program from
Program homepage:
Screenshot at
Robinmatch Ltd, based in the United Kingdom, has been providing engineering consultancy and software solutions to industry since 1993.
CONTACT: Don Robinson, Director

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