DDFileCatcher Press Releases

30 Apr 2003

Robinmatch Ltd today announced the release of the DDFileCatcher program. The program accepts icons of files, folders or shortcuts dropped or pasted onto it from Windows Explorer, My Computer, the Desktop or Windows file dialogs. The file path as text of each item received by the program is displayed in the program's window. Any number of items can be added to the files list and from there can be copied to the Clipboard, for inclusion in a text document, or saved to a file on disk, together with optional comment and date stamp. The program bridges the gap between the concept of a graphical file display and a text document. "DDFileCatcher" stands for "drag and drop file catcher".

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9 August 2003

Robinmatch Ltd announce DDFileCatcher v1.02 collects files, short cuts and folders dropped onto it from Windows Explorer, the Desktop, My Computer, or Windows dialogues and converts them into full file ... Of interest to software developers is the inbuilt facility for DDFileCatcher to be launched by another application, to collect files and convert them in the file paths, and then return the file paths to the calling application.

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23 August 2003

Robinmatch Ltd announce the release of DDFileCatcher Version 2.00.
DDFileCatcher is used to get Windows file names and file paths from files, short cuts or folders from, for example, Windows Explorer. The file paths can be can inserted into word processor documents or spreadsheets. A new feature of DDFileCatcher is that it can be launched directly from Microsoft Word or Excel from a menu it installs on the menubars of those applications. Files are dropped onto DDFileCatcher and their full file paths are displayed. Clicking a button on DDFileCatcher sends the file information to the calling application.

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