List MP3 and other media file information in MIcrosoft Excel and Word

Windows file listing program
DDFileCatcher uses Windows Explorer as its front end, takes files from it and puts MP3 and other audio file information from them in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, the Clipboard or text files. Output formats include plain text, XML and CSV. DDFileCatcher is easy to use and can list thousands of files at a time.

List up to 16 audio file properties on thousands of MP3 or other audio files.

  • Play lists from Excel using the Excel MP3 track hyperlink feature
  • Search subfolders and disks, including CDs and DVDs
  • Save audio file information in Microsoft Word - make tables of files and will apppend to the tables
  • Save audio file information in Microsoft Excel - one file per row and recognizes existing file rows
  • Save the music file information in a variety of formats for importing into a database
  • Use "duration in seconds" property to allow you to add up the times for playing music collections
  • Choose the properties from "album", "artist", "audio format", "bit rate", etc - try it for free to see *
  • Copy file lists to the Clipboard - so you can paste them where you want
  • Intelligent automatic options when called from Word or Excel
  • List over pieces of file information in all categories, such as Digital Image files.
  • Save file property and format configurations for easy reuse
* Information is only shown if it exists in the file
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