SONAR Synthesizer user lists SONAR music files in Access Database

Gordon Corbridge is a retired chartered engineer, who wrote to tell us how he uses DDFileCatcher in his hobby of making electronic music using the SONAR sound editing software from Cakewalk.

Gordon says: "I have used DDFileCatcher to sort out all my Sonar music sample files I have thousands of them. All the sample files, which are spread out over an number of discs hidden in deep directories, have now been listed and location registered into an Access Database where I can rate them, find them, sort and finally relate each samples to the individual composition projects, which can use many samples. DDFileCatcher has saved me an enormous amount of work and is well worth what I paid for it.

There are a lot of synthesiser users out there who, I am sure, have the same problem in keeping track of their samples and where they are used."

We are always pleased to hear from users who are saving time and making their file listing jobs easier using DDFileCatcher.

Gordon was saving the SONAR file lists first into an Excel spreadsheet and then importing the spreadsheet into the database. We advised him of a simpler method to put file information from DDFileCatcher into a Access database table. This method will also work for other databases:

  1. List the files on DDFileCatcher by dragging and dropping them onto it.
  2. Save the file list to disk from DDFileCatcher in XML (with DTD) format.
  3. In Access, import the file saved by DDFileCatcher into a table, using the "File | Get external data... | Import..." menu.
Windows file listing program
  • Lists the files you see in Microsoft Windows Explorer
  • Over file properties can be listed in any order
  • Repeatable file searches with reloadable setups
  • Saves files for importing into databases
  • List music files, album, duration, track number etc
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