Windows file listing application

convert file lists to text with ddfilecatcher
  • List files from Microsoft Windows File Explorer
  • Convert file lists to text
  • Windows File Explorer file lister - works with Windows File Explorer
  • Easily put your file lists into Microsoft Word and Excel
  • Repeatable file searches with reloadable setups
  • List every image file property
  • Preview and edit the file lists before saving them

Convert a Windows File Explorer file list to text

Windows File Explorer doesn't have a built in way to convert a list of filesfile list to text, but DDFileCatcher is a file listing program that lets you pick the files you want to convert to text and drag and drop them onto itself for sending the file list to the Clipboard, a disk file, Microsoft Excel or Word. Try it for free for 30 days

Make lists of files (from one file to thousands). With DDFileCatcher, you can select from a range of destinations for the file list including a Word document, an Excel spreadsheet, a text file or the Clipboard. Just listfile namesorfile pathsor choose from over 700 file properties and output in plain text, XML, CSV, HTML or tab-delimited formats. If you need a powerful, flexible, easy to use file listing solution, try DDFileCatcher. You can also add your own custom formats and preview the output before output the file list. Use it for free for 30 days

File listing power

This file listing program lists over 700 file properties, including over 100 digital image properties and MP3 information, in any order. Search sub folders and complete drives. Automate file listing using command files and make your own templates for file lists.

File listing flexibility

Use Windows File Explorer to select the files to list. This means you can perform file searches and list the files from them, select only one or all files in a folder and drag them onto the file listing program, select any number of files from different folders for listing. No need to open a file browser dialog and navigate all the way to the folder you want. File information can be listed in any order.

File listing simplicity

Intuitive drag drop of files, reloadable setups - no need to remember which file properties you listed last time, save them with a setup name and reload the same setup.

Try DDFileCatcher free for 30 days. Download your fully-functioning trial copy.


how to convert a file list to text
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