Image properties for digital photographs

Windows file listing program
  • List your digital photo files in Excel, Word and OpenOffice or LibreOffice Calc and Writer
  • Easily select properties to show, using the preview feature
  • Find image files easily with saved search instructions

Digital file listing for photographers and anyone who wants to know what's in their digital files.

  • Lists from one thousands of files from your hard disk, CDs, camera. If you can see the files in Windows Explorer, DDFileCatcher can list them for you with all their image information.*
  • So DDFileCatcher makes lists of image files with lots of information - then what? You need to save the lists, sort them, format them for printing etc etc. DDFileCatcher can be launched from Microsoft Word and Excel so you can use all the features of those great applications.
  • DDFileCatcher also can be used to give you file details on MP3 files, Microsoft Office document properties and much more.

*Information is can only shown if it exists in the file


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