How to print a folder file list from Windows Explorer

Windows does not have a built in way to print the names of the files in a folder. A file list can be made by using the MS-DOS command window and redirecting the dir command to a file or making a batch file, which you save in the folder you want to list. A simple version would look like this:

							dir > filelist.txt

The file filelist.txt will hold a list of files in the folder. To print the folder file list, open the file with Notepad a word processor and print it. A problem with printing folder files using these methods is that limited information is produced - file name, date created and file size.

Print a list of files in a folder using an application

To print a file list from a folder with DDFileCatcher, simply select the all the files in the folder, using Ctrl-A, and drag and drop them onto DDFileCatcher, or use the other built-in file search methods. Then select the software to print the file list, Microsoft Word, Excel, OpenOffice or LibreOffice Calc and Write, from a drop down list, and click the button to output the file list to those applications for printing. ">Try it for free for days

Select which file properties when you print a folder file list

Windows Explorer lists many file properties. To print these folder file names and properties, you need a utility that lists those properties also. The MS-DOS dir method only gives only gives a few properties, such as name and date. Our application, DDFileCatcher, can make the same file lists saved to a disk file as the MS-DOS method, but with over file properties to choose from. It is also fully graphical and saves the settings used in file searches for future use.

Choose the output format in which to print the list of files in a folder

To print the file names and a choice of file properties, you also need a way of formatting the output. DDFileCatcher saves the list of files in a folder, several folders, or a complete drive in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel to print the file list using all the formatting facilities of those applications.

">DDFileCatcher does not have a "Print Folder " button as such. (Like my car doesn't have a "drive me to supermarket" button). You may want to print in different fonts and formats, and from different applications. DDFileCatcher puts the file lists in disk files, Microsoft Word, Excel, Google Spreadsheets, and other applications so you can print the file list how you want.

print a folder file list with DDFileCatcher
  • Print a list of files from a folder
  • Choose from over file properties to print
  • Make finding and listing Windows files easy - flexible drag drop from Windows Explorer. Pick just the files and folders you need
  • Print folder contents from several folders at one time
  • Print a file list directly into Microsoft Excel and Word for printing using their formating features
  • Choose from several output formats to print a folder file list
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