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Make lists of Windows files in Microsoft Excel 2003 and 2007 with DDFileCatcher

Windows file listing program
  • List Windows files in Excel spreadsheets
  • Make finding and listing Windows files easy - flexible drag drop from Windows Explorer
  • Search folders and drives
  • Save time adding to existing spreadsheet file lists - automatically recognizes existing lists
  • Choose from over 700 file properties to display
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How to copy files and folder contents in Excel

DDFileCatcher is a file listing program, that uses the simplest, most efficient method of extracting lists of Windows files, from Windows Explorer and putting them in a Microsoft Excel worksheet. Simply drag and drop files or folders onto DDFileCatcher from Windows Explorer, selecting from over 700 file properties, select the cell in Excel where you want the file list to start, and click the button. DDFileCatcher will also search folders and drives.

Launch DDFileCatcher and drop the files onto it. Select the format and and file properties to show.

Open an Excel Workbook on the Worksheet where you want to put the file information.

On DDFileCatcher, click the "Send filepath list to" menu and then "Microsoft Excel". The "Send to Excel" dialog will appear.

dialog to send file list to excel

Put the text cursor in the cell in Excel where you want the file information from DDFileCatcher to begin. The file information will begin in column A. New rows will be inserted to avoid overwriting existing cells.

Click the "Set table position" button.

Click the "Send to Excel" button. The table of file information will be put in the worksheet by DDFileCatcher. Drag the columns to the widths you want if necessary.

file information in excelHere, the file list is formatted with the the folder name followed by the files in the folder. You can also select full filepaths for each row or just file names.

If you want to add to the file list in Excel, just put the text cursor in the list and DDFileCatcher will recognize the format and file properties in the list and add the information correctly.

DDFileCatcher sends file information to Microsoft Word the same was as to Microsoft Excel. It also exports file lists to the Clipboard, and text files in a choice of formats.

I'm the webmaster/ content editor for one of the largest inbound call center providers in the world (clientlogic.com) and I am required to track every web page that is updated. Very often, I have to list 20 to 50 filenames on an Excel spreadsheet. I used to spend so much time copying & pasting each file name. But your program makes it a snap! It has saved me from doing several hours of tedious work each month. Super fast, super simple! Thanks for this outstanding program. Tim Clo, ClientLogic

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