DDFileCatcher Windows file listing software

convert file lists to text with ddfilecatcher
  • File listing software to list files from Microsoft Windows Explorer
  • File listing software to search folders and drives
  • File listing software to list files in Excel
  • File listing software to list files in Word
  • List every image file property
  • Preview and edit the file lists before saving them

File listing software to list files from Windows Explorer

DDFileCatcher accepts files and folders dragged onto it from Windows Explorer, and then exports file lists to the destination and format of your choice.

Powerful file listing software extracts over file properties from files

Choose from over file properties to display in any order.

Automated file listing software

DDFileCatcher saves command files, which can be run from a shortcut or the start menu, and can list files automatically without user intervention.

Windows Explorer file list in DDFileCatcher

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how to convert a file list to text
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