Webmasters need to make lists of updated files updated quickly and accurately

From customer feedback, we know a lot of webdesign companies and webmasters are using DDFileCatcher to save lists of html files changed or created. DDFileCatcher makes lists of files (from one file to thousands). It's easy to use - just drag and drop any number of files from Windows Explorer or the Desktop onto DDFileCatcher and DDFileCatcher does the rest.

"I'm the webmaster/content editor for one of the largest inbound call center providers in the world (www.clientlogic.com) and I am required to track every web page that is updated. Very often, I have to list 20 to 50 filenames on an Excel spreadsheet. I used to spend so much time copying & pasting each file name. But your program makes it a snap! It has saved me from doing several hours of tedious work each month."
Tim Clo, Clientlogic.com

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