Make lists of Windows® files in Microsoft®Excel® and Word® for Microsoft Office® 2010

Windows file listing program
  • List the files you see in Microsoft Windows Explorer
  • Save file lists in XLSX Workbooks for Microsoft Excel 2010
  • Save file lists in DOCX Documents for Microsoft Word 2010
  • Choose for over file properties to display
  • Also lists files for Excel and Word 2003 onwards
  • List files from file searches, subfolders and drives
  • Use the power of Word and Excel to print file lists and manipulate file information

What is it?

DDFileCatcher makes lists of files (from one file to thousands). DDFileCatcher works with both Microsoft Excel and Word. In Word, the files are listed in a table or just as plain text. In Excel the files are listed in rows.

How is it used?

Finding the files to list is easy, as DDFileCatcher uses Windows Explorer. To list files, just drag and drop them from Windows Explorer onto DDFileCatcher. This means you can select files from any folder or drive, or even different PCs on a network. You can search using complex filters and drag the results onto DDFileCatcher. DDFileCatcher sends the file lists an a choice of format to Excel DOCX Workbook files and Word DOCX files. DDFileCatcher will also search subfolders and complete drives.

Which file properties does it list?

DDFileCatcher has an extensive list of over file properties, including:

We have added some useful ones not usually available, such as the ISO8601 date format for alphabetically-sortable dates (eg 2006-11-27T14:59:10), short (DOS style) filepaths, forward-slash filepaths.

We are happy to consider customer requests for extra file properties and add these where possible.

For more information for use with Microsoft Excel and Word, please follow this links: Word Excel

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