Copy File Names from Windows Explorer

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  • Copy file names from Windows Explorer to Word, Excel, disk files and the Clipboard
  • Drag drop just the files and folders you need from Windows Explorer.
  • Use saved search instructions to find files
  • Choose from over 700 file properties to display
  • Use multiple output formats, including XML
  • Use it for 30 days for free. Click the "Free Trial" button

Copy the names of files from Windows Explorer

Use DDFileCatcher to make file lists and copy filenames from Windows Explorer as text. Drag and drop files and folders from Windows Explorer onto DDFileCatcher. Then, choose where to save the file list. The file list can be saved to Microsoft Excel and Word, OpenOffice or LibreOffice Calc and Writer, to file in several formats, or to the Clipboard.

Brand new for version 5

As well as drag and drop from Windows Explorer, you can find files and folders to list using file dialogs, folder search dialogs and saved resuable searches from multiple folders.

Copy file names in a folder

You can copy all of the files in a folder by selecting them all (Ctrl-A) and dragging the selected files onto DDFileCatcher. You can also copy the file names in a folder by using the "Search subfolders" option and dragging the folder onto DDFileCatcher, or using the built in folder search options.

Copy file names into Microsoft Excel and Word

DDFileCatcher saves filename lists with file properties as Microsoft Excel XLSX and Word DOCX files. Filename and file path properties can be saved as hyperlinks, which let you open the saved files from you Workbook or Word document. See how to copy file names from Windows Explorer to Excel and how to copy file names from Windows Explorer to Word

Copy file names to the Clipboard

Copy filenames for pasting into a text document. Copy filenames to the Clipboard.

file names to copy from Windows Explorer

Copy filenames from a folder or a file search

Drag files from a folder or file search in Windows Explorer onto DDFileCatcher. Here, files in a Windows Explorer folder have been dragged and dropped on to DDFileCatcher.
  • Copy file names and other information to the Clipboard and paste in any document
  • Copy file names to Microsoft Word - makes tables of filenames in Word
  • Copy file names to Microsoft Excel - fills Excel rows with filename
  • Copy file names for one file, all the files in a folder, or from several folders at once
  • Copy file names and save them in a text file in plain text, CSV or XML.
  • Copy thousands of file names from searches in Windows Explorer
  • Copy file names from searches applying advanced filters in Windows Explorer
  • Copy paths to the Clipboard and paste into documents, computer code, setup programs, emails
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