Simplify file listing by using Command Files with DDFileCatcher

To simplify file listing tasks and allow them to be performed repeatedly, we have added a new feature, called Command Files to DDFileCatcher. These are small files made using a step-by-step Wizard. DDFileCatcher can be launched using a Command File, and will the Command File to set the file properties, the output format, add files and folders from a list, search subfolders, save to a file, and exit automatically if required.

Simplify file listing to save yourself time

Rather than spending a few minutes changing settings, just click on a menu or shortcut pointing to the Command File.

Simplify file listing tasks by delegating them to someone else

To ask a colleague for a file list with several file properties and a specific output format, it is simpler to configure the command file yourself and save it on their computer. They find the task of making a list for you simpler, because they don't need to configure DDFileCatcher themselves.

You wish you didn't have to make file lists and you wished it was simpler

You could be non-technically minded, but your boss keeps asking you for a list of files. You could make file listing simpler by asking your boss to install DDFileCatcher on your computer and save a Command File on it. The Command File would make the file list, and you just need to send the file to her/him.


Simplify regular file listing jobs

You might need to list files in a folder on a regular basis, like once a week, every day etc. Simplify regular file listing jobs by saving the instructions in a Command File. The file could by added as a task to the Windows "Scheduled Tasks".
Simplify file listing with DDFileCatcher
  • Simplify file listing tasks
  • Packs all the features of DDFileCatcher into a file
  • Schedule file listing
  • Save time and increase productivity
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