Use Windows Scheduled Task to save a list of files

Windows Scheduled Tasks application is available in the Control Panel. To make a list of files using Windows Scheduled Tasks first make a Command File with DDFileCatcher, that will add pre-entered files and folders and search the folders if necessary. Set option to exit when finished. Choose a location for saving the output files, and choose one of the options for making thefile pathsunique.

Specifying the file listing task

DDFileCatcher makes file lists. It can be launched by small files, called Command Files containing instructions for DDFileCatcher to follow. A Wizard is used to make the Command Files. The main settings needed for listing files automatically are: "Make a list of files and folders to add to DDFileCatcher", "Search subfolders", if you want to do that, "Output file information from file and folders list sent to DDFileCatcher and close automatically". You can choose any output format or use a custom output format for the file list. Choose "Disk file" as the output destination. If the file listing task is to be repeated, the file list must be saved to a uniquefile patheach time, if the file is not to be overwritten each time the scheduled task is run. To make thefile pathsunique each time, you can selected to include a code in the filename, using either the date and time or the next available number, eg 1,2,3 etc. Save the Command File. It will have a .ddfc extension.

Add the file listing command file to Scheduled Tasks

Open Scheduled Tasks from the icon in the Control Panel, and double click the "Add Scheduled Task" icon. Click the "Browse..." button to navigate to the saved Command File. Follow the instructions in the Wizard to set how often you want to list the files.
Windows file listing program
  • Save file lists using Scheduled Tasks
  • Automate your regular file listing operations
  • Many output formats including custom ones
  • You can also use DDFileCatcher "manually"
  • A powerful file cateloging application
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