Improved way of inserting hyperlinks in documents

In September, I wrote about how to use DDFileCatcher to put a file list with hyperlinks in Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice Calc, and HTML documents. Hyperlinks would display the filename, filepath, MP3 track title or filestem. For each of the four types of hyperlink, there was a choice of output document: Excel, Calc or HTML, giving a total of 12 combinations. A problem with that approach was that if, for example, Excel filename hyperlink was selected, the only output destination possible was Excel, because the hyperlink wouldn’t work in Calc or HTML.

Version 4 has been released since then, and the method of choosing the hyperlink properties is simpler. Now the type of hyperlink is all that needs to be selected:

  1. Hyperlink on file stem
  2. Hyperlink on filename
  3. Hyperlink on filepath
  4. Hyperlink on folder <<< This is new
  5. Hyperlink on MP3 track

DDFileCatcher will put the correct hyperlink code in all the destinations (Excel, Calc etc). If the output is to, say, Plain text, the hyperlink just appears with the correct text for the type of hyperlink, such as the filename.

Hyperlinks can now also be saved in more output formats. The list is now:

  1. HTML table
  2. Microsoft Excel XLSX Workbook
  3. Microsoft Excel XLM Worksheet
  4. Microsoft Word DOCX Document
  5. Microsoft Word XLM Document
  6. OpenOffice Calc ODF Spreadsheet
  7. OpenOffice Writer ODT Document

Hyperlinks to local files are useful for opening files in the file lists, and the new hyperlink to a folder will open the folder in Windows Explorer when clicked.

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