Make lists of Windows files with file properties

Version 5

  • Save file lists for Microsoft Excel, Word, OpenOffice and many other formats
  • Choose from over 700 Windows file properties to display
  • Use templates to format file list reports exactly how you want
  • Choose files from File Explorer from different several folders or file searches
  • Save time when making file lists
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"It has saved me from doing several hours of tedious work each month. Super fast, super simple! Thanks for this outstanding program." Tim Clo, ClientLogic


bullet point Save file lists in different formats

Use DDFileCatcher to make lists of files with their properties and save file lists in Microsoft Excel and Word, OpenOffice or LibreOffice Calc and Writer. Save lists in CSV, tab delimited or XML for importing into databases or using by other software. Save file lists to the Clipboard for pasting into documents. Works "intelligently" with Excel and Word, recognizing existing file list tables add adding new records to them.

bullet point Choose from over 700 file properties

File properties tell you about the files, whether they are music files, with track title and artist, photo files with aperture, speed and camera make etc, or Microsoft office document properties, such as the number of words or last edited date. DDFileCatcher can add these properties to your file lists, and show example outputs to help you select the properties.

bullet point Make templates for file list reports

Easily make templates based on existing file list reports, and DDFileCatcher will fill in the file information for you. This is useful, for example, in web design, for making setup or script files in programming, making HTML files to give a formatted output. There are lots of uses. We will add more to the site later.

bullet point List files from File Explorer

Select any number of files in File Explorer and use a right mouse click to add the files to DDFileCatcher's file list. Navigate through different folders to add files or use the filters built into File Explorer to find files to list.

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